Completely Waterproof

Lumberock deck boards are solid throughout with a closed-molecular formula that prevents water absorption from within, making it completely waterproof. This allows Lumberock to endure prolonged submersion in saltwater or freshwater.

No Noticable Fading

Everything fades in direct sunlight, but Lumberock fades so slightly you will never notice any color change. Our UV-protecting color additives ensure that constant exposure to sunlight will have no noticeable effect on Lumberock plastic lumber.

Impenetrable Surface

Bacteria, insects and other organisms that thrive in areas with lots of moisture cannot permeate the surface or the interior of the board. Because no organic fills are used, there is nothing for mold and mildew to adhere to and nothing for water to decompose.

Slip Resistant & Splinter Free

You can stroll barefoot along your dock without worrying about splinters or harsh cracks, as evidenced by Lumberocks Limited Lifetime Warranty. The embossed wood grain finish reduces slipping, even in wet conditions.

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